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I’ve seen several hairstylists over the years before I found Jess, and she is by far the best! She listens to what you want and she does it. She doesn’t cut your hair shorter than you want or style it a different way. She does it how you want it and she rocks it every time! I cannot say enough good things about her! 

Jess is one of the most talented stylists I've ever been to! She is a color expert and is amazing at balayage. You will not regret going to jess, trust me! 


Jess is an amazing hairstylist! Every time I go in wanting something a little different or I take a picture of a color I want, she will talk it out with me so that we can find the look I'm wanting that best suits me. I appreciate the time that she takes to give me the color and style that I want! 



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